Good eating habits you should maintain

I personally think that a Foodie is not only a Cooking-Enthusiast, is above all an Eating-Enthusiast. And I’m not referring at the quality of the dishes on your table, but at the little habits you have around it.

Good eating habits are also those little habits that will make you achieve a lasting and psychological well-being, or why not, personal happiness.

Small actions, big results.

   1. Find the time to eat.

I think we can all find the time it takes to sit at the table all together with family or friends. Find time to eat calmly without thinking about what you need to do next, just enjoying a good meal, but above all, the good company. Sitting at the table with those you love is the most important part of the day.

   2. Set the table properly.

We eat first with the eyes, a table without not properly settled is cold. Be sure you have anything you need before you start eating, your cutlery, glass, plate with tablemat and so on… Setting the table predisposes you to eat well, it puts you happiness and away from any negative thinking.

   3. Don’t get distracted by the TV.

Television is often an uninvited guest who sneaks in when you eat. It’s like those annoying people who never stop talking, it distracts you, capture your full attention and you will end up eating without even enjoying the pleasure of good food. Keep the TV low in the background… or even better, switch it off.

   4. Tell about your day.

This is closely linked to the one before, isn’t it better to stay all together and talk about what happened today instead watching TV? Every day there are nice and bad things that happened to you, dazzling ideas and why not, some chismis. Also all this is good food.

   5. Sit and enjoy the table.

Stay at the table has to be engaging, enjoyable and above all a place where you build relationships with your family and friends. Listen, tell, looking into each others eyes. Eat slowly and savor your food. Share your food but also your thoughts.

Those good eating habits will make you really enjoy food, the experience will be much more satisfying. Nowadays people are losing the value of food, and should maintain those habits starting an early age.


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