Tips for taking better Food pics

If there’s a trend which really marked the social networks, is taking pictures of food and publishing them on your social media.

The main purpose of why we always take pictures of the food is simple:

Bragging with your friends about appetizing food that you are about to consume.

So it’s very important that the image reflects the texture and freshness of the dish. So that it will look delicious enough to make your follower’s mouths water.


So here I will list some tips for the ones plating and for the ones taking the picture:

4 basic tips for the cook

  1. The combination of colors in food is the key. Two or three are better than one (a piece of dark meat alone looks bad).
  2. The shape is critical. With plates with various shapes and figures with different width and height, you can create a good effect on the picture.
  3. An image in which you can see different flavors, will be more attractive than a picture which provide a single flavor.
  4. You need to find harmony between the portion of the dish and the size of the plate. Not always a bowl full will look good.

7 basic tips for food-photographers

  1. Light

When taking a food pic be sure you have a good light source. The best is to approach the windows, looking for a nice natural light.

  1. Get closer

A distant photo doesn’t show how well the meat cut is, or how fresh vegetables are. So don’t be afraid to approach the plate with your cellphone (or camera if you have it) to take the picture in more detail.

  1. Find the best angle

It is important to find an angle in which the volume and texture of food is highlighted. Remember that small variations can make big differences.

  1. Look at the details

If if you start to eat food before the picture taking, it won’t look be the most pleasant. Same happens if the dish is being chipped or broken. Details are minimal but they can damage the image completely.

  1. The background and setting can help

Think before you shoot, the color of the walls, curtains and tablecloths. You can enhance the image by playing with colors and table accessories.

  1. Avoid flashes

If you use the direct light of a flash you can lose the original colors and texture of the food, which would make the picture less appetizing. If possible, avoid using this tool, the image will be better.

  1. Be Quick

Food doesn’t keep its appetizing looks for long you need to be well prepared and able to shoot quickly after it’s been cooked before it melts, collapses, wilts and/or changes color.

Just remember to shoot it before you eat it!



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