10 Signs you are a Foodie

Although are known as Foodie those who are fans of food, for me being Foodie is already a matter of lifestyle, a state of mind. Foodies love food, whether it’s healthy or not. If you identify yourself with some of these scenarios, it is likely that you also are a one of us.

1. You enjoy so much grocery shopping


2. You are already planning the next meal while you are still on the current one


3. You talk more passionately about food than most other things.


4. You tend to like more food pictures than actual people pictures on the Social Medias


5. You are willing to try almost anything.


6. Your friends and family living abroad know exactly what chocolates to get you every time they visit.


7. When you get a nice snack for the cinema, the food is already gone before the movie starts


8. You secretly plan holidays based on the kind of food you get there.


9. You may have tried world cuisine but to this day you get emotional about mom’s food.


10. You love to share your food but you love even more not sharing it.


….or simply you just get so hungry when you see things like this:


or this!


If you can identify yourself with most of the situations I just mentioned… well…

Welcome to the Club!


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